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The establishment of the NEAWS done by professionals to promote professionalism in endowment achievement through choice of competent and efficient cadres of personnel from the clerical to various other grade, promotion and placement of human capital at various tiers for the organizations, carrying out research in the area of human resource management. The society not only helps to recognize talent to be sourced from the market through the employment process but also helps to recognize members within organizations with the necessary competencies to cope with roles and responsibilities. We are group of young professional and we like to work for rural education we are thinking to fill gap of education standard between primary education in rural and modern smart education in urban area. We are looking forward for participation of youth. We also provide them self employment opportunity. The society which are related to development in ruler area, blocks and so on, educated poor people, work for awareness about educational system, inspired groups, work cultural programs, and successful athletic programs. We have been conducting inter-scale endorsement assessments for both Generalist and Specialist cadre employees across levels of the organizations. With the selection procedure, the Institute helps its clients in progression planning their manpower, thereby providing opportunities for the employees to grow and develop.

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